The Bridal Artistry Co.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Engagement

I am newly engaged.  Do you have any recommendations for my hair and makeup regiment leading up to the wedding?

  • Yes! It is always important to focus on the care you are giving your hair and skin leading up to your big day.  Hair: start with focusing on keeping your hair healthy, this means spending a little more time (and money, unfortunately), focusing on those locks!  I advise using a deep conditioner once a week, always applying heat-therapy products on damp hair before the use of hot tools, and getting a trim every 8 weeks.  Skin: you want to find a skin care regiment that works for you and is also manageable for your lifestyle.  Key products to keep in mind for your regiment are daily cleanser, exfoliator, anti-aging eye cream, and moisturizer (with SPF!).  Exfoliating and hydrating the skin are super important for maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion, and also help create the best canvas for applying makeup.


How soon after being engaged do clients book your services?

  • It depends on the client. Most often I am booked 6 months to a year in advance of a brides wedding day.


How do I  book you for my wedding day even if I am not ready for a bridal trial?

  • I have you prepay for your bridal trial and sign a contract. This ensures you won't lose your wedding day to another bridal client, and we will be booked together for your big day.

The Bridal Trial

What is included in the bridal trial?

  • The bridal trial begins with a full consultation to discuss with your artist what your overall beauty vision is for your wedding day.  Please provide sample images of different hair and makeup styles that you LOVE (Pinterest/Instagram is great for this!).  The artist will then begin the 90 minute appointment doing both bridal hairstyling and makeup artistry to completion.  Tweaks can be made to either style if there is anything you would like to fix.  Based on our professional experience, we do not offer multiple looks for the bridal trial.  We find it leaves the client feeling confused and unsure about the desired end result.  Rather, we prefer to have a detailed consultation and, together with the client, agree on 1 style for your wedding day hairstyling and makeup and have that be the goal of the trial.    


How long do bridal trial services take?

  • A bridal trial is scheduled for 90 minutes, and should take no longer than 2 hours.  After this time frame, the bridal trial service is completed.  Payment will be made to the artist, and you may followup with to confirm booking your artist for your wedding day.  


What form of payment do you accept?

  • We accept cash or personal check for the bridal trial and wedding day.  


What if I want to schedule another trial?

  • If you would like to schedule another bridal trial, the fee remains the same.  Please contact to schedule another trial with your artist.  


I would like to book The Bridal Artistry Company for my wedding, but won't need a trial until closer to the date, what do I do?

  • This is best for bridal clients booking a wedding date far in advance. You will need to prepay for your bridal trial and sign the bridal contract. This ensures you won't lose your wedding day to another bridal client and you will be booked with us for your wedding day. We can schedule the bridal trial whenever it is convenient for you.


How do I confirm The Bridal Artistry Co. is booked for my wedding day.  

  • You will have either pre-paid for the bridal trial, or paid the trial fee at your bridal trial and signed the bridal contract.  Without both of these items The Bridal Artistry Co. is not confirmed for your wedding day.  

The Wedding Day

Will you make a schedule for the wedding day?

  • Yes! Mariel takes care of making a custom schedule for each bridal party.  Each member of the party will have their own appointment time, which must be adhered to.  This helps the day run smoothly and keep the entire day running on time.


How many artists come to the wedding to do beauty services?

  • Based on the size of your party, and the time that everyone in the bridal party will need to be ready, Mariel will staff as many artists as necessary to accommodate the needs of your wedding day.  


What if people in my party change their mind about day of beauty services?

  • If anyone in the bridal party that has been confirmed on the contract changes their mind about services within six months of the wedding day, that total balance for those beauty services is still due on the wedding day.  If anyone would like to add services and the artists have time, we will be happy to accommodate any additional appointments.